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Brand Graphic Systems

A well-defined graphic system is a cornerstone of a brand's identity and plays a crucial role in establishing a strong and lasting connection with its target audience. It encompasses a wide range of visual elements and guidelines, each carefully designed to convey a specific message, evoke certain emotions, and leave a memorable impression.

Our approach

In today's dynamic and competitive marketplace, the importance of a thoughtfully crafted graphic system cannot be overstated. It is a strategic resource that influences brand recognition, trust, values communication, and customer loyalty. As a result, it can drive long-term business growth and profitability by providing a recognizable and distinctive visual identity that helps companies stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Key Business Benefits


Consistency & Recognition

A well-established graphic system ensures consistency in the presentation of a brand across various platforms and materials. This consistency is vital for building recognition and trust among consumers because when people consistently encounter the same visual elements, they begin to associate these elements with the brand, making it instantly recognizable.


Brand Scalability

As a business grows, a well-designed graphic system can readily adapt to accommodate new products, services, or expansions into different markets. This scalability reduces the need for frequent rebranding efforts, ultimately saving time and resources in the long run.


Brand Trust

A strong visual identity system conveys a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. When a brand invests in a cohesive and polished visual appearance, it sends a message that it is serious about its products or services. This can positively impact customer perceptions and lead to increased trust.


Effective Communication

Graphic elements frequently function as powerful non-verbal communication tools, transcending language barriers and conveying essential information about your brand. These visual components serve as silent messengers, subtly communicating your brand's personality, values, and the myriad benefits of your products or services.


Cost Efficiency

A well-constructed graphic system reduces the need for constant design revisions and rebranding efforts. This means that when you embark on creating new marketing materials you can draw upon the established design framework. You won't need to reinvent the wheel with each project, which not only saves valuable time but also mitigates the risk of inconsistencies creeping into your branding.


Brand Equity

Over time, a consistent and appealing visual identity can be a potent builder of brand equity, which represents the intangible value associated with your brand. This brand equity is a culmination of various factors, including customer perceptions, brand awareness, and the emotional connections people form with your brand.

Data insights


Companies that prioritize and invest in a comprehensive brand identity processes experienced a remarkable 17% increase in brand awareness, strengthening their market presence and fostering customer loyalty.


Organizations that have effectively executed a successful branding process have witnessed a substantial boost in their performance, with some experiencing a remarkable surge of up to 12% in their overall revenues.


After implementing strategic visual brand updates, companies witnessed an up to 9% increase in consumer loyalty, underlining the powerful impact of a well-executed visual rebranding initiative

Client Reviews

“They delivered with very tight times, always ensuring high quality. It shows that they are passionate about what they do and that they do everything possible to achieve the best result”. Mariano Pastore, Head of Marketing Itaú Bank

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