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Shifting the way people stop and shop.

Data insights
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is the percentage of visitors that a massive hypermarket chain increased after redesigning their ecommerce. Good design and well thought user journeys stimulate trust in your brand.

70 %

of customers tend to abandon their shopping carts because of a bad user experience.

61 %

of millennials are happy to share personal data if leads to a more personalizad in-store or online shopping experience

An ecommerce redesign can translate into 80% increase in the number of visitors, 45% reduction in drop-off rates, and 67% increase in repeat customers.
Digital is now an indispensable channel for any retail or commerce. E-commerce and online presence have become commodities in the way brands sell and strategize. It’s no longer a fringe alternative. It is the ultimate channel.
Competition is of course ruthless, and new and better tech is layered constantly to make online purchasing an ever improving experience. Customers expect this, and their needs are becoming more and more sophisticated.
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What we do
We create functional and aesthetically pleasing experiences to delight audiences and leave them wanting more of that perfection. This goes both ways: beautiful UI for customers and powerful back-end to support our companies' needs. We build innovative digital brand presence that delivers results and drives business. And we excel at it.

Chewy, the #1 online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products based in Florida approached us seeking to reinforce the company's e-commerce. At DHNN, we reinterpreted Chewy's average consumer's behavior to create an entirely new interface and navigability experience focused on segmentation, categorization and filtering, making the navigation process easier for users worldwide, all the while increasing the brand's flow of purchases and sales.


For more than 6 years working together, our strong partnership brought outstanding results to the user experience, usability and visual interfaces of their apps, digital tools and websites used by millions worldwide.


Taking an innovative and bold approach, we created a full 360 immersive digital experience for OREO, allowing the customer to get into a VR experience and visit 3D scenarios of NY's most iconic places.

These are some of the companies we’ve collaborated with in this space.

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Head of business and strategy Diego Trefny

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