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Reinventing how we safeguard what matters to people.

Data insights
42 %

de los consumidores cree que su aseguradora es confiable por proveer un buen servicio.

and only 37 %

of respondents actually trust their carrier. In a business that is based on trust and credibility these are prime areas of opportunity.

8 out of 10

customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This is a strong motivation for investing in it.

What if we told you that 84% of insurers identify digital ecosystems as an important part of their strategies, while only 5% have what is needed to run an ecosystem-dependent business.
The insurance industry is going through a critical transformation, after years and years of sustaining a virtually unchanged model. Customers are getting savvier and demanding better, faster, more personalized solutions, and companies in this space have to align their offering with these expectations if they want to keep up with the wave of digital innovation happening all around it.
We know what it takes to transform an organization in this space, while evolving the existing services and driving innovation to stay ahead.
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What we do
Our extensive knowledge in the design of meaningful experiences is a key asset that we bring to our clients in the industry, and it’s part of what helps them navigate through this process of rethinking their portfolio in a digitally enhanced world.

This 100% digital medical insurance service contacted us to update their brand identity and work on a new user experience for their mobile app. As a result, an optimized and enhanced interface was created after a deep user research, UX audit, ideation and product design process.


Iúnigo, the first 100% digital insurer in Argentina, called DHNN to build its visual identity, develop their illustration system and define the brand UI style guide. The result was the construction of a unique and modern design system that was applied into their website, mobile app and multiple communication supports.


We helped this traditional insurance company to go through a deep digitalisation process, starting with a full re-branding project and then a deep research, ideation and product discovery process, pursuing the best way to transform their insurance services & processes into a full digital experience.

These are some of the companies we’ve collaborated with in this space.

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Head of business and strategy Diego Trefny

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