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Fox international channels (fic) is a broadcasting corporation's international multi-media business. it develops, produces and distribute 324 wholly- and majority-owned pay-tv channels across latin america,

Europe Asia, the middle East and Africa, in 44 languages. This networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high-definition extensions, reach over.

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Fox International Channels Branding


Welcome to a new age for Corporate Design.
1.3 billion viewing subscribers worldwide.

Logo Fox international channels

The company needed to define a unique main identity able to enclose an extensive variety of tv channels without loosing the Original FOX Branding spirit


Being their tagline WE ENTERTAIN PEOPLE we needed de develop a differentiated identity that reflect the value of dynamism and cope with the actual entertainment industry and the emerging social and digital media.

At the same time it had to be flexible to embrace new future signals, brands, and bussines units, considering the corporate identity has to be for the entertainment industry.


We develope FIC brand bible, establishing consistent and effective guidelines for the company branding uses and implementation all around the globe.

across all stationary and communication collaterals speak volumes about the brand and its dimension. Is upon this beliefe we work hard in the creation of a solid brand identity that responds to Fox International Channels primary essence and acknowledge today s new media and social standards.

FIC company, and its brand bible has to be distributed and applied on Latin America, Europe, Midle East, and Asia. We needed to create clear and consistent guidelines that could be easily comprehend and adaptable in any culture.

Brand Bibles Internal Components


We used the tv screen test signal palette as our inspiration giving to our colour choice a thoughtfull and illustrative component.

Pantone colour uses
and regulations.



One of the main challenges was to create a solid identity that would be able to enclose a dynamic spirit communicating the concepts of movement, joy and kinetics.

We wanted this idea to be shown visually and that's when Étienne-Jules Marey work became relevant. We inspired in his concept of movement in a static environment for the design of sliding operations within the typos and images we generate a false dynamic effect on the corporate image.

Typographic Uses

—collateral. STATIONARY

The corporate identity has multiple sationery sets. The white stationery is the main one, and has been designed to work with sets of posters, infographics

and promo material. We developed 5 different stationery sets with specific uses and characteristics. This stationary set can work for specific needs (ie. the red stationery is for urgent messages), as well as a complement of the main stationary.

  • Collateral Stationary Fox International Channels
  • Collateral Stationary Fox International Channels
  • Collateral Stationary Fox International Channels



We designed different kinds of infographics templates to be used for measuring and displaying complex information about viewers, signals, and all kinds of relevant information.

This infographics were also adapted to be added on the digital presentations for the company, within the branding system.

  • Fox International Channels Branding
  • Fox International Channels Branding
  • Fox International Channels Branding
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